Boost Productivity with VIA Platform Accelerators

Simple and intuitive self-service workspaces for secure document sharing and team collaboration.

User features

  • Intuitive web, mobile and desktop interfaces
  • Search by folder/file name and in-document text
  • Desktop client for Windows and Mac (including offline sync) & MS Outlook Integration
  • 24x7 multilingual support services 

Business features

  • Collaborative workspaces with folders, cascading folder-level permissions, version control, version tracking and user comments
  • Four user roles, including co-owners and fully anonymous participants
  • Support for files up to 11GB+
  • Business group administrative console to set group policies and manage users

Security features

  • UNshare®, Intralinks’ advanced plugin-free information rights management (IRM) solution with owner- and admin-controlled permissions capabilities
  • Real-time access logs
  • Device pinning and remote wipe
  • Advanced risk-mitigating and security-enhancing features 
VIA secure saas content collaboration

Considering how simple and easy Intralinks VIA is to use, it is amazing how secure it is.

Donna Wirth
Network Manager
Essex Industries

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