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Credit Suisse saved significant time and accelerated M&A processes using the Q&A functionality of SS&C Intralinks.

“The Intralinks Q&A functionality makes my life much easier. You can quickly see what questions have and have not been answered, and it allows our executives to stay on top of deal progress. Using Intralinks, I can give status updates and answer queries in real time. It also makes it easy to facilitate questions between different buyers.” – Justin Hales M&A Investment Banking Analyst Credit Suisse

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M&A Deal Tombstones

For over two decades, we have facilitated over $34 trillion USD worth of transactions. That's a lot of deals. 

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DCT Industrial Trust

US$8.5 billion

DCT Industrial Trust
DCT Industrial Trust, a listed US-based owner and lessor of logistics real estate assets, used Intralinks for its acquisition by Prologis for US$8.5 billion.
Zhuhai Abax Fund​

¥1.435 billion​

Zhuhai Abax Fund​
Zhuhai Abax Fund is a venture fund managed by Abax Global Capital. The fund invests in a diversified range of industries in China.​
Zeal Capital Partners I​

$62.1 million​

Zeal Capital Partners I​
Zeal Capital Partners I seeks investment into high growth early stage financial services, fintech, and education companies.​
Yun Qi Partners III​

$300 million​

Yun Qi Partners III​
Yun Qi Partners III makes seed through series A investments in mobile internet, smart devices, and internet finance sectors.​
Whitehorse Liquidity Partners IV​

$4 billion​

Whitehorse Liquidity Partners IV​
Whitehorse Liquidity Partners IV follows a similar strategy to its predecessors, by acquiring a range of fund interests on the secondary market and targeting preferred equity investments.​

$850 million​

VMG Partners V​
VMG Partners V invests in entrepreneurial early and late stage consumer focused companies across the US.​

$825 million​

Vida Ventures III​
Vida Ventures III is a fund managed by Vida Ventures. The fund invests in healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.​
True Wind Fund II​

$817 million​

True Wind Fund II​
True Wind Fund II is a buyout fund that focuses on investing in the US technology sector.​
True Capital III​

£$275 million​

True Capital III​
True Capital seeks to invest in UK-headquartered, lower-mid market businesses operating in the consumer products and services sector.​

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