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Credit Suisse saved significant time and accelerated M&A processes using the Q&A functionality of SS&C Intralinks.

“The Intralinks Q&A functionality makes my life much easier. You can quickly see what questions have and have not been answered, and it allows our executives to stay on top of deal progress. Using Intralinks, I can give status updates and answer queries in real time. It also makes it easy to facilitate questions between different buyers.” – Justin Hales M&A Investment Banking Analyst Credit Suisse

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M&A Deal Tombstones

For over two decades, we have facilitated over $34 trillion USD worth of transactions. That's a lot of deals. 

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Tombstone: Ditech Holding Corporation

USD 1.2 billion

Ditech Holding Corporation
Ditech Holding Corporation and related assets have been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by New Residential Investment Corp for USD 1.2 billion.
Tombstone: Sears

USD 9.7 billion

Sears and related assets have been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by ESL Investments for USD 9.7 billion.
Tombstone: Waypoint Leasing Holdings

USD 650 million

Waypoint Leasing Holdings
Waypoint Leasing Holdings has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Macquarie Group for USD 650 million.
Tombstone: Westinghouse

USD 4.6 billion

Westinghouse has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Brookfield Business Partners for USD 4.6 billion.
Tombstone: GenOn

USD 520 million

GenOn has sold its Hunterstown power generation station to Platinum Equity as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring.
Tombstone: Boart Longyear

USD 660 million

Boart Longyear
Boart Longyear has completed a debt restructuring transaction with creditors.
Tombstone: Takata Corporation

USD 1.6 billion

Takata Corporation
Takata Corporation has been acquired out of Japanese and U.S. bankruptcy by Key Safety Systems for USD1.6 billion.
Tombstone: Weatherford International

USD 2.5 billion

Weatherford International
Weatherford has completed a debt-for-equity restructuring with creditors.

USD 9.45 billion

Sempra Energy
Sempra Energy used Intralinks for its restructuring of Energy Future Holdings for an estimated USD 9.45 billion.

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