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Introducing Intralinks VDRPro for the Financing Deal Lifecycle

Banks and securities firms face intense pressure to deliver the best financing deal terms to customers – all while navigating a complex regulatory environment. Securely sharing and collaborating on sensitive information throughout various stages of a financing deal is critical, but without proper controls can become a source of regulatory and business risk.

Intralinks streamlines the entire Financing Deal Lifecycle  – from structuring to marketing, due diligence, reporting and secondary trading. Our Deal Marketing solution allows teams to send offering materials quickly, conduct investor roadshows virtually, identify the most engaged investors. Transition seamlessly to Intralinks Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) to facilitate efficient due diligence, servicing and secondary trading. 

With uncompromised security and extremely detailed compliance monitoring and access tools, satisfy even the most scrutinizing of audits and address a myriad of industry regulations. Learn more about how Intralinks can enhance deal collaboration and performance and drive value throughout your transaction.

Intralinks Deal Marketing for Banking & Securities

Streamline your process. Get to your best investors faster.

  • Simplify management of offering documents
  • Conduct powerful virtual roadshows
  • Track activity and gauge investor interest
  • Transition seamlessly to due diligence

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Designed for large-scale collaboration and document distribution, the Intralinks VDRPro utilizes industry-leading best practices to empower teams of any size to work together safely, efficiently and globally.

  • Collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere - Work together in highly configurable workspaces, with 24/7 user support, native Microsoft® and Adobe® user experiences and mobile-file access.
  • Protect your information with on-demand security - Utilize granular access controls, plugin-free information rights management (IRM), redaction and detailed reporting.
  • Streamline cross-boundary digital processes - Deploy custom solutions or leverage pre-configured, best-practice workflows, tasking, content templates, reports and services.
  • Connect to a global network - Integrate enterprise applications and information to enable purposeful collaboration across boundaries.

If leasing companies want to reach more buyers, increase margins and close deals faster, Intralinks is clearly the way they should go.

Jeffry Elliott
Senior Vice President
Huntington Bank

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7 Reasons to Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage Deal Marketing

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Capital Markets

Accelerating and simplifying debt financing and bond transactions – from deal structuring to conducting roadshows and reporting – reduces costs, improves the bottom line and strengthens client relationships. Intralinks Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) and our Deal Marketing solution are designed to expedite these capital markets processes:

  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS)
  • Asset-backed securities (ABS)
  • Private placements (144A and Regulation D)
  • Insurance-linked securities (ILS)
  • Initial public offering (IPO)

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Corporate Lending

Streamlined communication and collaboration facilitates a smooth institutional lending process. The Intralinks platform can help you with customer relationship management (CRM), pipeline tracking, deal marketing, document distribution and voting and reporting amendments. Use it to:

  • Streamline commercial club and bilateral lending
  • Conduct loan syndication and servicing
  • Carry out municipal and community lending
  • Manage project and infrastructure lending

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Debt Sales

Intralinks can change the way you sell loan portfolios, non-performing loans and distressed debt assets. Our solution suite for debt sales combines Intralinks VDRPro virtual data roomsDealMarketing and DealVision to eliminate limitations related to geography, time, data and devices, so you can sell your portfolio faster. When disposing of pools of debt, accelerate credit recovery with a structured data reconciliation process. Intralinks can improve your debt sales process with:

  • Virtual roadshows
  • Real-time monitoring and business intelligence
  • Q&A process tracking
  • Intralinks UNshare® for information rights management
  • VDR archival services
  • DealVision for AI-powered buyside due diligence
  • Global customer support and professional services

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Retail and Private Banking

Transparent communications are the cornerstone of customer and channel loyalty. Intralinks enables you to increase operational efficiency and reduce regulatory risk by better managing information sharing with customers and channel partners. Let us help you:

  • Conduct private wealth investor reporting
  • Onboard individual and small business customers
  • Enhance customer and partner communications
  • Manage broker and direct mortgage submissions
  • Coordinate regular information exchange and case management
  • Implement an eDelivery platform

Explore Intralinks for Retail and Private Banking

Regulatory Risk and Compliance Reporting

Managing regulatory risk and compliance requires tools that let you increase transparency, control sharing of high-risk and confidential documents and secure the exchange of regulated information. Financial institutions use our platform to:

  • Conduct regulatory and compliance risk management
  • Prevent money laundering and other financial crimes
  • Reduce vendor risk and manage third parties
  • Manage regulatory submissions and document exchange
  • Coordinate financial monitors and auditing process
  • Execute data governance programs

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Regulatory Risk and Compliance Reporting

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