Data Room Insights Dashboard

Gauge buyer interest during due diligence – at a glance.

Our Insights Dashboard gives you clear, quick and valuable views into how and when deal participants are engaging with your content.

The newly enhanced Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard shows you actionable buyer activity metrics – on an easy-to-read intuitive graphic dashboard. Now you can quickly measure, analyze and interpret a wealth of usage data to get the sharpest picture of your most active parties – allowing you to spend your time wisely and deliver unique perspectives to your clients. And with our feature-rich mobile app, you’ll always have this vital data right at your fingertips and accessible – no matter where you are.


Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard

Easily track and analyze group, user and document activity in your data room, to help you assess engagement. Measure a cross section of unique VDRPro logins and activity including documents accessed both by groups and individual users

  • Decipher the top 5 most-accessed documents at user level
  • Benchmark individual users by their activity share percentage 
  • Quickly track trends in group-level activity with evolution arrows
  • Measure over various timeframe parameters and display time intervals on each time filter option
  • Rank buyer groups with our calculation of buyer activity based on logins and documents viewed – an Intralinks exclusive
  • Access buyer activity continuously on your smartphone or tablet
  • Easily share and archive findings with enhanced export to Excel® feature

Download the new Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard fact sheet

Granular data room insights.

Quickly identify the most-engaged buyers and see what’s driving each buyer’s interest.


  • Overall ranking 
  • Activity share of overall buyer groups activity over time
  • Most-active users and top-accessed documents within VDRPro at both the group and user level
Granular data room insights.

Most-active users.

Buyers ranked by activity level.

Insights Dashboard Top Documents Screen


  • User name
  • Organization
  • Job title
  • Email

Multiple device capability.

Dig into buyer engagement and activity on web and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Multiple device capability


Work faster and smarter every step of the way.

Preconfigured workflows

Skip the learning curve. Intralinks' preconfigured workflows help you start faster and realize shareholder value faster.

Bank-grade security

Safeguard corporate data and enforce security policies for every document, everywhere. Lock down files anywhere and everywhere with information rights management and user permissions embedded in files.

Manage the entire deal lifecycle

Improve performance by seamlessly transitioning from one stage of the deal cycle to the next.

Frictionless adoption

Be a part of the largest virtual data room user community for M&A.

Streamlined Q&A

Quick questions answered fast – and nothing falls through the cracks. We help you expedite Q&A so you can fast-track your deals.

AI-powered document analysis

Let the computer do the scut work, so legal can check out the red flags. That’s how AI makes due diligence faster and more accurate.

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