Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard

Introducing the New Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard

Get a clear, quick and valuable view into how deal participants are engaging with your content.

The fastest, smartest virtual data room.

Jumpstart your next M&A deal with an Intralinks Virtual Data Room (VDR). Accelerate your deal with automated setup, preconfigured workflows and real-time insights. Boost efficiency with our new, more intuitive user interface, and safeguard your project with Intralinks' unparalleled security for Mergers & Acquisitions dealmakers.

Intralinks VDRs are feature-rich and supported by real, live human beings. Our award-winning services team will make sure your VDR is set up to maximize productivity, and our 24/7/365 support ensures that dealmakers and stakeholders will always have a direct line to Intralinks’ experts.

See how we can help you accelerate the dealmaking process, from deal prep and due diligence to close.


Intuitive User Interface

Start your next big deal


Expertly designed, highly secure virtual data rooms built for the way you do deals.

  • Immediate access – Launch a VDR in minutes
  • Stage deal information – Organize deal documents before going live, so you're ready when it's time to launch due diligence
  • Expedited VDR setup – New enhanced drag-and-drop capability lets you rename and upload files and folders in bulk
  • Streamlined user invitations – an elegant, simplified process for adding users to your data room
  • Fast 3rd-party approvals – One-click M&A Workflow™ feature speeds deal prep and helps builds your data room quicker
  • Artificial intelligence – Improve the M&A due diligence process by analyzing and managing files with integrated artificial intelligence
  • Insights Dashboard – Track group, user and document activity at a glance to help you gauge engagement
  • Detailed reporting  Gain insight around data room activity and document access, giving you the power to make data-based decisions
Drag and drop

As bankers, we understand the care that must go into sharing confidential documents. With Intralinks, there’s only one source to check no matter how many documents there are. That makes it easier to maintain security and control, so we don’t have to worry about security breaches or people sharing documents inappropriately.

David Rosborough
Vice President, Progress Partners

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Security & Governance

Security is at the heart of everything we do.

  • UNshare® – One-click to enable and one-click to retract a document with information rights management 
  • Watermarking – Flexible and customizable saving you time and effort
  • Permissions – Granular and easy to control permissions ensures that the right users have access to the right documents
  • Security & Compliance – GDPR-compliant, encrypted archives, in-region data storage and processing

Focus on the deal, not the technology.

  • Intuitive User Interface – Don’t spend more time than you need to in a VDR, switch between exchanges, manage users, access reports all with ease.
  • Mobile – Anytime, anywhere access to key data room capabilities and insights
  • Auto-Indexing – Easily organize your VDR without the need to constantly update the index
  • Q&A – Simple, easy-to-use Q&A helps move your deal toward the finish line. Bulk import of questions, priority level and access level are all easy to control.
  • Support – Your deal doesn’t sleep and neither do we.  Every deal has a dedicated M&A knowledgeable project manager and 24/7 support.
East of use

Intralinks VDRs are feature rich and supported by real, live human beings.


Our services team will make sure your VDR is set up correctly, and our 24/7/365 end-user support ensures that your partners, employees and counterparties will always have a direct line to experts if they hit a bump.


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Grow your deal pipelines, accelerate deal flow and improve your M&A due diligence process.

Intuitive user interface

Focus on your deal, not your software.

Streamlined Q&A

Questions answered fast – and nothing falls through the cracks. We help you expedite Q&A, so you can fast-track your deals.

Expedited setup and deployment

Activate pre-configured workflows, repurpose templates, add users and documents, and stage your VDR to ensure a quick start and seamless transition.

Secure mobile access

Securely access your virtual data room, and keep deals moving forward with native mobile apps.

Easier file management

Get your VDR up and running quickly by renaming, permissioning and uploading files in bulk.

User permissioning

Control user access all the way down to the document level.

Deal-centric workspaces

Keep deals moving with automated set up, document workflows, easy file management and integrated AI document analysis.

24/7/365 end-user support

Award-winning customer support keeps you up and running, around the world.

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