Intralinks M&A Workflow™

Power your dealmaking productivity with fast, simple document approval.

Launch deals faster. Use Intralinks’ M&A Workflow tool to automate third-party approvals, and auto publish and permission to your virtual data room.

Getting approvals from third parties to publish sensitive documents to the VDR has traditionally been a manual, time-consuming exercise that can delay the launch of a deal. With Intralinks’ new M&A Workflow you can automate and streamline the process of obtaining approvals—without ever leaving VDRPro.

Discover the power of advanced M&A Workflow.


Manage all deal documents efficiently

Built on Intralinks new technology platform, users can manage all deal documents efficiently, though a simple set of prompts and quick, one-step user notifications. Use M&A Workflow to:

  • Expedite the deal preparation process by obtaining approvals more quickly and efficiently
  • Track all activity with a dashboard that provides a consolidated, real-time view of task requests in process
  • Comment in a single, secure thread of conversation related to the document (vs. multiple emails)
  • Auto publish and permission documents, and easily edit permissions and create document publishing alerts
  • Create an archive of document approvals that provides an audit trail of activities
  • Control the process within the application and eliminate the need for external tools, such as email, to manage sensitive files that need to be gated

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Approve, reject or add comments to documents that are pending approval

Approve, reject or add comments to documents that are pending approval.

Auto-publish documents

Auto Publish Documents Screen
  • Ability to select a folder where the document will be published
  • List of folders and subfolders available is displayed in this screen

Design custom workflows for document approval routed to preselected approvers

Design custom workflows for document approval routed to preselected approvers.


Work faster and smarter every step of the way.

Preconfigured workflows

Skip the learning curve. Intralinks' preconfigured workflows help you start faster and realize shareholder value faster.

Bank-grade security

Safeguard corporate data and enforce security policies for every document, everywhere. Lock down files anywhere and everywhere with information rights management and user permissions embedded in files.

Manage the entire deal lifecycle

Improve performance by seamlessly transitioning from one stage of the deal cycle to the next.

Frictionless adoption

Be a part of the largest virtual data room user community for M&A.

Streamlined Q&A

Quick questions answered fast – and nothing falls through the cracks. We help you expedite Q&A so you can fast-track your deals.

AI-powered document analysis

Let the computer do the scut work, so legal can check out the red flags. That’s how AI makes due diligence faster and more accurate.

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