By using Intralinks VIA®, ActoGeniX Makes Secure Connections with Investors  

ActoGeniX uses Intralinks

Headquartered in Belgium, ActoGeniX is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of a new generation of biological drugs. Founded in 2006, the company’s mission is to develop and commercialize innovative biological therapies to improve the treatment of patients who have gastrointestinal, immunological, and metabolic diseases.

The Situation

ActoGeniX needs to communicate securely with external groups to promote its work developing biopharmaceutical products. One key audience it needs to build relationships with is potential investors, including venture capital firms, banks, and other financial institutions. This communication is crucial to locating new financing sources to fund product development.

ActoGeniX had recurring difficulties with its existing data sharing solution (one primarily used for lab work) when new versions of the software were rolled out. A new staff member suggested deploying an alternative solution — one that would both be easier to use and provide high levels of security to protect intellectual property, and would help the company comply with product regulations. 

The Solution

After researching three different offerings, ActoGeniX selected Intralinks VIA® and began using it for communications with potential investors and for projects with different companies. With Intralinks VIA, ActoGeniX was able to use the same structure as it had with its previous system, which enabled an easier system migration.

The Benefits

After deploying Intralinks VIA, ActoGeniX’ Director of Laboratory Operations, Sabine Neirynck, immediately noticed a reduction in the number of help desk questions from potential investors and other external end users who were accessing the data room.

“With Intralinks VIA, it is easier to set up individual accounts,” she says. “An invitation message is sent to the user automatically, and we have the flexibility to change access levels and put people into different groups, depending on their function and the topic of the information. The structure of Intralinks makes it very easy to browse through, and the Intralinks Designer is also a helpful tool that I use when setting up new data rooms.”

Ease of use is important to Neirynck, because, in addition to setting up data rooms, she is also responsible for all of the laboratories at ActoGeniX and for running its quality control lab.

During the setup phase, Neirynck used Intralinks’ customer service department to get her questions answered. She also took comfort in having two dedicated support people that she could rely on if she needed further assistance. 

After deployment, Neirynck says she found Intralinks VIA to be about 30-50% less expensive than what ActoGeniX had used previously. The product’s security gave ActoGeniX confidence that it can protect confidential information.

Now, ActoGeniX is reaching out to more potential investors and sharing sensitive information. It is also improving productivity by setting up data rooms faster, and increasing the overall speed at which information is shared.