Altra Investments: Transforming Altras' Fund Lifecycle

Fundraising, investing, and reporting re-imagined for Colombian private equity firm Altra Investments.

Founded in 2005, Altra has become one of the leading private equity firms in Colombia and Peru, specializing in buyout opportunities with midcap companies in the Andean region.

The Solution

Altra surveyed the available private equity solutions. Altra was familiar with Intralinks because it had used an Intralinks virtual data room (VDR) during the highly visible and successful divestment of one of its portfolio companies.

This experience, and Intralinks’ clear leadership in the market, made it the natural choice. Many of Altra’s investors already had an Intralinks login and therefore were familiar with using the platform.

The implementation was simple and once Altra set up its exchange using the new Intralinks Designer feature, the process ran absolutely smoothly. Altra no longer worried whether the right document was going to the right investor because Intralinks handled the distribution automatically.

At first, Altra only sent investors quarterly reports, but the adoption of Intralinks quickly expanded. Investors now have access to a complete library of all the documents, reports, and notices ever sent. 

The platform has proven popular with investors. Altra already has around 120 active users on its Intralinks investor portal, far more than it originally planned.

The Benefits

Intralinks has changed everything at Altra Investments – eliminating a major headache, making investor communications more professional, and enabling staff to focus on more strategic projects:

  • Having Intralinks to manage the communications has made a considerable difference.
  • Altra simply uploads a document to the exchange and then sends notices to the right people.
  • Investors receive information immediately, and Altra has dramatically reduced the time and effort it takes staff to send reports to investors.

Altra uses the data room for managing its investments, both for acquisitions and for divestments. Without this tool, Altra would have to arrange individual meetings with interested parties, but now Altra simply uploads the information and sends a notice that it is available.

Looking ahead, Altra is excited to continue using Intralinks in its next round of fundraising.