Formula Hybrid

Formula Hybrid drives creative competition with secure file sharing from Intralinks.

Formula Hybrid event drives creative competition with secure file sharing from Intralinks®.

The 2015 Competition

As Formula Hybrid expanded into a truly international competition, sharing content with global participants became a critical challenge. The judges needed a secure way to share rules with teams, and teams needed officials to approve designs. Additionally, sponsors of the event required an efficient means of obtaining participant resumes for recruiting. With up to 35 teams participating and seven sponsors seeking resumes, collaboration became a challenge.

“As a design competition for engineering students, we needed an easy way to share information with teams and sponsors without risking the security of the information,” said Doug Fraser, the founder and director of Formula Hybrid.

For example, in 2015 the Formula Hybrid platinum sponsors collaborated on a letter of support to deans of the top 200 engineering schools of North America. Because they wanted to work collectively with sponsors on the letter, they needed a document collaboration solution.

The Solution

That year, Formula Hybrid adopted an Intralinks solution to replace its existing collaboration tool. Previously, lack of control hampered the collaboration process. Once the Intralinks solution was implemented, Formula Hybrid management could arrange documents in secure Workspaces, each with its own expiration date, file organization and permissioning controls. Content access could be granted or revoked – even after downloading – with Intralinks Information Rights Management (IRM). Students could easily share their resumes securely with sponsors recruiting at the event. Formula Hybrid event drives creative competition with secure file sharing from Intralinks®.

The Benefits

Intralinks enables document version control and document editing, facilitating the collaboration process. With Intralinks, sponsors, university teams and volunteers alike can securely share and keep track of changes to critical information pertaining to the competition.

“With more than 200 universities as potential entries, having a secure way to collaborate was critical,” Fraser said. “Intralinks is safe and easy to use, and was ready
to use immediately.”


“Intralinks fits perfectly with the fast-paced engineering competition of Formula Hybrid.”

–Doug Fraser Founder and Director Formula Hybrid