Formula Hybrid

Formula Hybrid drives creative competition with secure file sharing from Intralinks.

Based on the Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) program, Formula Hybrid is an annual competition developed by the faculty and staff at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. The program started in 2003 with the first official competition held in 2006.

Every year, hundreds of students participate in the competition, many from international colleges and universities. A number of global sponsors recruit at the event as well, including GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Toyota, LG Chem and IEEE.

Through the program, students develop interdisciplinary design, development, and project management skills as they collaborate across engineering practices to construct a fuel-efficient, high-performance hybrid race car. Formula Hybrid gives students the chance to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world challenges. 

The Situation

Schools from all over the world participate in the Formula Hybrid competition, so the organization needed a secure way to share information with its broad network of universities and sponsors. Because several sponsors recruit on site from the pool of participants, the Formula Hybrid organization required a platform facilitating secure and efficient resume distribution.

“As a design competition for engineering students, we needed an easy way to share information with teams and sponsors without risking the security of the information,” said Amy Keeler, Coordinating Manager, Formula Hybrid.

Additionally, Formula Hybrid needed a secure method for document collaboration. Last year Formula Hybrid wrote a letter of support to deans of the top 200 engineering schools in North America. Because they wanted to work collectively with sponsors on the letter, they needed a document collaboration solution. 

The Solution

In the past Formula Hybrid had used a platform with brief expiration dates that interfered with the data-sharing process. However, Intralinks’ Workspace Folders with user-set expiration dates allows Formula Hybrid Management to share student resumes with each of the platinum sponsors for the specific time required, while Information Rights Management protects the integrity of the students’ information. 

The Benefits

Intralinks enables document version control and document editing, facilitating the collaboration process. With Intralinks VIA, sponsors, university teams, and volunteers can securely share and keep track of changes to critical information pertaining to the competition.

“With more than 200 universities as potential entries, having a secure way to collaborate was critical,” Keeler said. “Intralinks VIA is safe, easy to use, and was ready to use immediately.”

“Next year, we look forward to rolling out Intralinks VIA’s mobile endpoint support so that each team will be able to check the status of their car’s technical inspections from the garage area. Intralinks fits perfectly in the fast-paced racing environment of Formula Hybrid.”


“Intralinks fits perfectly in the fast-paced racing environment of Formula Hybrid.”

–Amy Keeler, Coordinating Manager Formula Hybrid