Investa Capital Management

Investment management firm Investa Capital Management (ICM) uses Intralinks to achieve greater control and efficiency over the management and valuation of real estate assets.

Investa Sparkler

Investa Capital Management is the investment management arm of independent professional real estate provider Investa Immobiliengruppe, one of the top project developers in Germany. Acting as a co-invested investment manager for its German and international clients, ICM develops strategic approaches, sets up venture structures, sources products and manages assets and portfolios.


ICM’s portfolio and risk management team carries out research and analytics to provide accurate business plan data and information on new developments within relevant markets. The team uses the latest market information to value assets and provide accurate assessments of future return prospects, allowing senior management to spot investment opportunities and evaluate associated risks.

The real estate information used in this analysis needs to be up-to-date and securely shared. Rather than burning and shipping the data on CDs, or sending it on large and unwieldy emails, it was important to ICM that they were able to use a data room to manage this data, its sharing and any internal or external reporting as efficiently and securely as possible.


ICM needed greater control of making different files accessible to different parties, changing accessibility as well as checking the activity of its property managers, asset managers or investors and lenders. It was crucial therefore that any data room should offer a wide range of customisable permission settings that could be changed at folder, subfolder and file levels.

Having used it on several acquisition transactions in the past, ICM chose Intralinks for its tailored solution for real estate firms, as well as for Intralinks’ professional experience and flexibility.


With the data room fully integrated into the process of managing and selling assets, the team is now able to concentrate on important issues more related to growing the business.

Intralinks allows ICM to efficiently collect, archive and directly exchange data without the need to use email. Information is stored in a structured and organised way which, in conjunction with the solution’s intelligent filter function, saves the team roughly four hours per week on administration.

The ability to monitor every stage of the process mitigates operational risk, and the new organisation and structure of the real estate files held by the team has improved the way these files are treated both internally and externally.

Overall, ICM enjoys greater efficiency and security, and now has more control not only of its transactions, but of the people and firms involved in the process. Additionally, the team are now able to monitor topics of interest to a potential buyer, allowing them to proactively provide information that will improve the due diligence process and help anticipate any potential points of negotiation.