KPMG & Puerto Coquimbo

KPMG chose Intralinks® as the primary platform for its advisement on the Puerto Coquimbo, a major port project for Chile’s Empresa Portuaria (Coquimbo Port Enterprise).

The Problem

KPMG was called upon to tender concessions for the project, which would demand secure and timely document exchange between and among several teams both inside and outside the company: investors, engineers, legal and tax teams, and municipal decision makers. But KPMG’s external partners were not accustomed to using a virtual data room. KPMG needed to convince its colleagues of the ease of using an online platform to communicate and collaborate, and at the same time make sure it worked smoothly once in place.

The Implications

To ensure success in the concessions tendering process for Puerto Coquimbo, getting the right documents to the right people (at the right time) was vital. Seamless integration, secure e-mail and a user-friendly interface would be a must. Since many documents on the port project were sensitive, having to transfer them in hard copies would make KPMG’s part in project overly cumbersome, and time consuming.

The Solution

Many of KMPG’s industry peers in Chile were familiar with Intralinks® as a solution. KPMG selected Intralinks based on positive reviews of its userfriendliness and easy integration into KPMG’s existing workspace. Using Intralinks as a complete collaboration platform helped speed up the concessions process by allowing unfamiliar partners to easily access digital documents instead of hard copies. Throughout the process, KPMG was able to control access, enable transparency and communicate among every party quickly and equally.

The Result

The decision to use Intralinks enabled the Puerto Coquimbo project to work efficiently toward a successful completion. KPMG was able to quickly upload documents in bulk for the port project and level the playing field among bidders with a secure, industry-leading virtual data room and e-mail. All of the relevant project documents were made accessible for download by colleagues simultaneously, with KPMG and the Empresa Portuaria even being able to conduct Q&A through Intralinks to resolve requests for information in a timely manner.

The Benefits

Using Intralinks as a virtual data room, secure e-mail, document repository, and communications platform helped make the Puerto Coquimbo project progress faster and more efficiently for KPMG. Intralinks’ permissioning and document rights management features provided the transparency and security necessary to complete a major municipal bidding process. And Intralinks’ user-friendly application made it easy for new users to become familiar with this solid, speedy solution to deal making.