Marlin & Associates

To gain a competitive advantage, Marlin & Associates has chosen Intralinks® to streamline and accelerate its clients’ transactions.

Through its own privately branded Intralinks exchange, Marlin & Associates is able to quickly set up and manage client dealrooms, providing buyers and sellers immediate access to critical information. 


“We’ve tried other on-demand solutions for managing clients’ M&A deals, but did not have as positive and beneficial experience with the software, technology, or customer service as we did with Intralinks."

– Michael Maxworth, Partner, Marlin & Associates

The Situation 

Marlin & Associates, a boutique investment banking and strategic consulting firm, sought a technology solution that would help organize and accelerate the M&A lifecycle process for its technology and information services clients.

The Problem

The use of paper-based datarooms to manage the lifecycle of a transaction, from deal team collaboration through the due diligence phase to deal closing, is resource-intensive and time consuming.

The Implications

Trying to gather lawyers, accountants and others required for a deal in one room on a specific date could take months. Buyers were also requiring more time and information for their due diligence in order to assess the financial, operational and management risks of a deal.

The Solution

After trying other on-demand solutions without much success, Marlin & Associates decided to consider Intralinks. The company recognized Intralinks as the software-as-a-service provider that is an established leader in the investment banking community. With Intralinks, Marlin & Associates was able to set-up, launch and manage multiple client dealrooms seamlessly.

The Result

By selecting Intralinks, Marlin & Associates is now able to deliver improved efficiency, cost savings, and shortened timelines to its clients. Productivity is also improved as a result of having a single platform to master, which ensures leveraging new and innovative capabilities. In addition, the company can monitor user activity across all of its clients’ dealrooms and focus its efforts on serious buyers, providing added value to the process.