Webinar Replay: “Regulatory Update: Trends in Banking Regulatory Compliance and Emerging Needs for Data Governance and Reporting”

Keeping up with the evolving CCAR, RDA / BCBS 239, and Dodd-Frank requirements

In this webinar, conducted in July of 2015, the panel addressed recent comments from the Fed promising to closely monitor the progress firms are making on these requirements, and indicating an intention to escalate focus on fundamentals such as data integrity and operational controls.

This webinar helps prepare viewers for the regulatory challenges in 2015. Experts on the front lines share best practices to improve your overall compliance reporting and filing process, and they define a controlled and secured means to collect, monitor, audit, and securely share CCAR/DFAST information.

Topics include:

  • Shifting regulatory landscape
  • Data governance and reporting, and how these are helping to support compliance
  • Operationalizing compliance
  • Strengthening controls