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  • Complete, AI-powered platform for energy dealmakers
  • Self-launch deal prep for greater control
  • In-line CAD viewing for well-core logs, seismic data, surveys and more
  • Managed services to alleviate tedious tasks
  • Award-winning customer support and consulting services

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Terraform Global Logo

USD 1.2 billion

TerraForm Global
TerraForm Global, a listed US-based owner and operator of a global portfolio of clean energy power generation assets, used Intralinks for its acquisition by Brookfield Asset Management from shareholders including SunEdison for USD 1.2 billion.

USD 2.7 billion

Clayton Williams Energy
Clayton Williams Energy,
an independent, listed oil and gas producer based in Texas, used Intralinks in its acquisition by Noble Energy for USD 2.7 billion.
WGL Holdings

USD 6.7 billion

WGL Holdings
WGL Holdings, a listed US-based provider of natural gas, electricity, green power and energy services, used Intralinks for its acquisition by AltaGas for USD 6.7 billion.
Hillstone Environmental

USD 600 million

Hillstone Environmental
Hillstone Environmental Partners used Intralinks to complete its acquisition by NGL Energy Partners LP for USD 600 million.


Avoid power failures.

Energy and Renewables deals can be complex, requiring resource-intensive disclosures and immense data requirements. Harness the power of DealCentre for Energy and Renewables to accelerate due diligence, enhance data security, automate workflows and streamline collaboration with buyers, investors, regulators and other key stakeholders. Utilize our best-in-class security measures and robust data privacy protocols for a streamlined and efficient experience.

Unlimited potential energy.

Intralinks’ innovative DealCentre platform fuels a full range of energy deals and renewables projects, including:

  • M&A and strategic financing: Gauge interest from buyers and investors; manage teasers, CIMs, NDAs and more.
  • Regulatory compliance: Track documentation for exams, audits, inspections, licenses and permits.
  • Physical asset management: Manage maintenance of facilities, real estate and equipment; organize documents for insurance claims.
  • ESG due diligence: Centralize impact assessment reports for regulators, investors and stakeholders.
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection: Guard patents, trade secrets, research findings, proprietary technology and more.


Innovative artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, enhanced analytics and content categorization

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