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  • A purpose-built solution featuring in-line CAD viewing and support for well-core logs, seismic data, surveys and maps
  • Fast and intuitive virtual data room, featuring automated setup, preconfigured workflows and real-time insights – plus Zoom integration for productive and secure remote due diligence
DealCentre for Energy

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Andeavor Corporation

US$31.3 billion

Andeavor Corporation
Andeavor Corporation, a listed US-based company engaged in the refining, transportation, storage and retailing of petroleum products, used Intralinks for its acquisition by Marathon Petroleum Corporation for US$31.3 billion.
Tombstone: Energy Future Holdings

US$18.8 billion

Energy Future Holdings
Energy Future Holdings has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Sempra Energy for USD 18.8 billion.
PDC Energy

US$1.683 billion

PDC Energy
PDC Energy Inc used Intralinks in a merger with SRC Energy Inc. in a stock swap transaction valued at USD 1.683 billion.

US$1.828 billion

Whiting Petroleum Corp used Intralinks to complete a debt restructuring transaction with Creditors, in a transaction valued at USD 1.828 billion.


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Energy deals are complex, with resource-intensive disclosures and immense data requirements.

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In-line CAD viewing and large-file support 

Work faster and more productively with your well-core logs, seismic data, surveys and maps

Zoom video integration 

Seamlessly upload Q&A, facility tours and management presentations

Innovative artificial intelligence

Machine learning, enhanced analytics and content categorization

Better due diligence

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