Intralinks for Legal Departments

Get the best legal protection.

Corporate legal departments regularly share and collaborate on sensitive, proprietary and regulated information with internal stakeholders, outside counsel, negotiation counterparties and government agencies. As legal teams work with internal and external entities, the risk of information leaks and data breaches brings the threat of business damage and regulatory actions.

Intralinks supports legal departments with a collaboration and information exchange platform that combines an intuitive user interface with leading security and risk capabilities. We are trusted by the most regulated and IP-intensive global enterprises to protect sensitive information and improve team productivity. And we can do the same for you by helping facilitate:

  • Contract management
  • Equity administration
  • Litigation matter flow
  • Legal review of marketing content
  • Board reporting
  • IP information transfer

"Considering how simple and easy Intralinks VIA is to use, it is amazing how secure it is."

Donna Wirth, Network Manager, Essex Industries

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