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Intralinks Designer gives you control of your virtual data room setup — upload, organize, and manage information so you can get the deal going. Use of this update is recommended for all users in order to optimize their experience.

SS&C Intralinks provides support for both its current and two previous major versions of Intralinks Designer (ILD).  
Customers must upgrade at least every three major versions, or every 18 months, whichever is greater.


Training and User Guides Technical Documentation
ILD User Guide ILD Installation Guide
  ILD Proxy Settings Guide (PDF)
  Using ILD with a Citrix Server (PDF)

If you have difficulty installing Intralinks Designer, please review the installation guide located above.  If you need assistance from your IT department to install software on your computer please direct your IT department to this page

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IT Personnel

Intralinks is an on-demand service that facilitates critical information exchange in a secure manner. We offer several client-side applications and plug-ins that allow our users to utilize our service and access certain features more effectively.

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