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Join our community, and we’ll make the introduction. The Intralinks user community is the most extensive network of qualified M&A dealmakers in the world, and it’s delivered to you on the largest deal sourcing platform that presents actionable deals straight to you.

Deal Sourcing


Deal Sourcing Software

Leverage the only deal sourcing platform that accelerates the deal management process – from sourcing and deal marketing to diligence and close.

  • Find quality buyers with our intelligent matchmaking that helps you build your buyer's list—fast
  • Identify relevant opportunities that match your investment criteria
  • Research buyers, advisors and portfolio companies
  • Unlock synergies across the M&A deal lifecycle with a platform that accelerates deal flow at every stage in the dealmaking process

Intralinks Dealnexus eliminates a lot of the traditional grunt work involved in taking a deal to market – spending hours researching potential buyers and sending out emails or making phone calls.

Garry Stephensen
Managing Director, Llyods Brokers


When you’re part of the world’s most extensive online M&A community, you find the best deals. 

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Safeguard corporate data and enforce security policies for every document, everywhere. Lock down files anywhere and everywhere with information rights management and user permissions embedded in files.

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Improve performance by seamlessly transitioning from one stage of the deal cycle to the next.

Intuitive user interface

Focus on your investors, not your software, with our intuitive user interface.

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