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Manage the deal lifecycle with Intralinks.

From deal sourcing to negotiations, closing and post-merger activity, the deal lifecycle is full of challenges and unexpected developments. Your ability to manage surprises impacts time-to-market and deal valuation. When communication is timely and deal management is efficient, you can accelerate timelines and conduct multiple deals more efficiently.

As a leading provider of solutions for secure collaboration and file sharing, Intralinks can help. We offer powerful tools to manage the deal pipeline, post-merger integration and the entire deal lifecycle more effectively.

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Intralinks for the deal lifecycle: simplifying buy-side activity.

Intralinks’ secure enterprise platform streamlines collaboration throughout the deal life cycle, allowing you to organize and share content more effectively. From file sync and share to collaborative team workspaces and large-scale virtual data rooms, our solutions enable your teams to work flexibly and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. File-level encryption ensures that documents remain protected for the entirety of the deal lifecycle, and beyond, no matter where they reside or where in the world they’re sent, so you can share sensitive documents and files without worrying about leaks, hacks or data loss.

On the buy-side of the deal lifecycle, Intralinks enables you to:

  • Improve strategy and targeting: Maintain a high-level view of available deals worldwide, and receive deal notifications based on investment criteria.
  • Simplify deal pipeline management: Track deal flow, maintain clear pipeline visibility with Intralinks Dealmanager, and compare qualitative and quantitative metrics to decide which deals to pursue.
  • Accelerate due diligence: Streamline collaboration with virtual data rooms, manage Q&A more effectively, ensure that subject matter experts review your questions and leverage artificial intelligence to speed the review of legal documents.
  • Make integration more efficient: Provide post-merger integration teams with tools that simplify the final steps of the deal, and ensure a secure and seamless transition of information between dealmaking departments and functional teams.

Streamline sell-side tasks in the deal lifecycle.

On the sell-side of the deal lifecycle, Intralinks lets you:

  • Find qualified buyers faster: Tap into a global network of thousands of buyers on the world’s largest M&A network, develop an intelligent buyer list based on key criteria and share your deal opportunities with a hand-selected buyer group.
  • Prepare for deals more easily: Collaborate efficiently across internal business groups and advisers, and keep everyone on the same page throughout the deal lifecycle with a central workspace.
  • Make marketing more effective: Track marketing materials easily and gain insight into the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  • Accelerate closing: Repurpose transaction documents for use in closing documentation and retain an auditable institutional memory for future reference.

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