CMBS Intralinks Webinar

Is CMBS Finally Rebounding? A Panel of Experts Weigh In

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Like much of the markets, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) struggled in 2020. With many businesses and economies reopening in the first half of 2021, CMBS issuance began to reemerge, to the delight of pent-up investor demand. But CMBS deals look different today. Will post-pandemic CMBS trends be short-lived or are they here to stay? Commercial real estate (CRE) experts weighed in on a recent webinar.

Hong Kong Fintech Intralinks

The Case for Adopting Fintech Innovations in Hong Kong

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Many banks in Hong Kong’s financial services industry have reaped first-mover advantages such as improved cost efficiency and profitability. We examine the building blocks of their success and explore potential roadblocks and challenges other banks are facing.