How Top M&A Professionals Are Embracing ESG in the Deal Process

Environmental, social and corporate governance is here to stay


M&A dealmaking has always been about finding the right balance between risk and return. So where do ESG mandates weigh in? Which way does an ESG program tip the scales? 

The common perception has been that dealmaking can be hamstrung – and assets can be devalued – by the perception that ESG means restrictive governance. But that view is changing: the six seasoned M&A experts we interviewed for our new white paper, How Top M&A Professionals Are Embracing ESG in the Deal Process, reveal that boards are beginning to see the value of good stewardship and are finding bright spots in the shade of ESG mandates.

Download our new white paper for the long view on embracing the ESG short leash. You’ll learn:

  • Which companies are leading the ESG charge
  • How ESG infiltrates M&A and accelerates deals
  • The influence of millennials on ESG adoption
  • How successful companies are building ESG into their M&A playbooks
  • And more

Find out why ESG doesn’t always spell trouble for M&A.

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