Intralinks for Legal and Professional Services

Client communication doesn’t end at your firewall.

As legal and professional services become more operationally connected with clients, process outsourcers and contractor teams, they inescapably find themselves adopting cloud-based technologies to manage a portion of their communications and collaboration efforts.               

While these initiatives produce transformative benefits, they also involve the exchange of highly regulated digital information that needs to be kept secure. That’s where we come in.

Intralinks is the leading content collaboration platform for the legal and professional services industry. Nine of the ten largest global law firms and eight of the ten largest global audit firms use our platform to keep their critical data secure and communications effective. Our security and governance capabilities, which include ISO 27001 certification, protect high-value information for the most-regulated industries.

"Using Intralinks VIA, my confidence level in how the electronic documents were being managed went up dramatically. Intralinks gave us a greater level of control, to know that people are looking at the documents they need to look at."

Patricio Grané Labat, Partner, Volterra Fietta

Strategic Advisory.

Support teams in managing the full M&A process and help them close deals faster and smarter, while maintaining full control of high-risk information. Intralinks supports the full deal lifecycle by streamlining operations, reducing risk, improving client experiences, increasing visibility and better-engaging deal participants. Our platform enables you to: 

  • Manage team collaboration and deal preparation
  • Execute deal marketing and target identification strategies
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Maintain clean rooms and manage post-merger integration

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Matter and engagement management beyond the firewall.


A lot happens outside your firewall, and you must be able to control documents and information wherever it lives and travels. Intralinks allows you to extend your matter and engagement management beyond the firewall, protect legal documents and maintain an accurate, auditable track of reviews and revisions to all documents.

To ensure security and transparency in creating the work product, we facilitate the capture and archive of all related information. You can even utilize the machine-learning technology of our expert partners to automate the due diligence and contract review process.

Use Intralinks for practice areas such as:

  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Automated due-diligence and contract review
  • Tax
  • M&A and Corporate Finance
  • Debt Capital Markets

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Finance, Legal and Human Resources.

To increase efficiency and productivity, you can use Intralinks to empower legal and professional service teams. Enable them to collaborate with key internal and external partners on even the most sensitive and regulated documents, including tax data, corporate strategy plans and sensitive employee information. Our platform will help your teams:

  • Improve audit management
  • Conduct compensation planning and analysis
  • Maintain electronic employee files
  • Execute contract management activities

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