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Achieve seamless enterprise content collaboration with Intralinks.

Your business runs on enterprise content collaboration. From colleagues and executives to partners, vendors and regulators, your workers engage in document sharing with internal and external contacts worldwide.

To make enterprise content collaboration simple, safe and seamless, you need a secure collaboration platform that prevents documents from falling into the wrong hands, no matter where in the world they are sent or reside. To keep your users focused on getting work done rather than learning to navigate complicated technology, your enterprise content collaboration and secure document sharing solutions must also be easy to use. When you have it all in one platform, you’ve found the key to faster collaboration that keeps you ahead of your competition.

Intralinks© enterprise content collaboration technology delivers the highest standards for performance, security and reliability, so your users can collaborate freely and easily without worrying about where sensitive information will end up.

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A simple, secure solution for enterprise content collaboration.

Intralinks provides a central, secure platform with comprehensive tools for enterprise content collaboration. From syndicated lending and legal document management to drug development and large-scale mergers and acquisitions, our enterprise content collaboration software facilitates document sharing for high-stakes transactions in a wide variety of industries and applications.

With Intralinks, teams can use file sync and share for simple collaboration needs, or an online data room and team workspaces for more complex processes. No matter the task, users can work flexibly across different networks and systems, and connect easily with contacts anywhere in the world.

As a cloud-based solution, Intralinks can be deployed quickly and without capital expense. Our platform integrates easily with your existing infrastructure, so you can keep costs low, minimize risk and unlock greater value from your content.

Advantages of Intralinks’ enterprise content collaboration technology.

With Intralinks’ cloud file sharing for business, you can:

  • Collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere: Use configurable workspaces with mobile file access and native Microsoft and Adobe environments to collaborate with contacts throughout the world.
  • Secure your most sensitive documents: Protect your data with granular access controls, automatic encryption and Intralinks UNshare®, which lets you instantly revoke access to files, even if they have been downloaded to personal devices.
  • Eliminate risky shadow IT solutions: Put an end to employee use of consumer-grade file sharing solutions, FTP sites, removable media and USB drives that compromise security.
  • Externalized content easily: Provide external access to content stored in enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

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