Blockchain: Connecting the Dots Along the Dealmaking Process

15 November 2018, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Is a new wave of blockchain conversation coming? In partnership with Intralinks, The Deal will examine one potential benefactor of that transformation: the M&A universe. Can blockchain increase the transparency and efficiency of dealmaking? Does a day come when an entire audit of a deal’s execution can be done within the chain? And will the technology help connect dealmakers to regulators more quickly? A panel of experts will help financial and legal service providers understand the interlinking the traditional financial system with this emerging technology.

Moderator: Peter Frintzilas, Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy at Intralinks

Expert panel: Shala Burroughs, Chief Operating Officer of The Satis Group; Alexandra Karpova Co-Founder, CEO Crypto PR Lab; and Joel Telpner, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester.