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The Climate Target Plan: Investment Opportunities From Raising 2030 Decarbonisation Goals

SS&C Intralinks® Market Brief: What does the new Climate Target Plan mean for new investments and the European M&A energy Market?


The European Commission is raising its targets for decarbonisation in the EU by 2030 through the implementation of the Climate Target Plan (CTP). If also approved by the European Parliament and Council, this is going to require a significantly higher level of investment than we have seen throughout the past decade.

Our new market brief, produced in association with Frontier Economics, examines:

  • The new goals for CO2 emissions and, the greenfield and M&A investment opportunities to watch in the energy market
  • The impact and risks of the CTP on the more polluting assets, and potential divestments
  • The sectors that will benefit the most from the EU funds, including the Recovery Fund and the EU budget

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