Assessing the Potential for Investments in Batteries in Iberia

Fully charged: Batteries have emerged as the leading technology in energy storage, helping to both meet industry goals and satisfy decarbonization requirements.

Decarbonization efforts have created a large private equity and M&A market in renewable energy in Spain and Portugal. So where do batteries plug in?

Download our new report, Assessing the Potential for Investments in Batteries in Iberia, produced in partnership with Frontier Economics, for expert insight into the prospects for investments in batteries in Iberia, including:

  • Key factors that make storage batteries an attractive investment opportunity
  • Revenue sources for battery investments, with a focus on day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets
  • Frontier Economics’ latest power price forecasts for Iberia and the market outlook

Download this new report to see how batteries are powering new dealmaking opportunities across Iberia.

The report is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You will receive all three versions when you complete the form.

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