Be a Better Borrower

How to Improve Bond Reporting in 5 Simple Steps 

Successful borrowers report consistently 
Successful borrowers keep their investors informed throughout the life of the bond. When it comes to bond reporting, however, most issuers of debt private placements use email or Fedex, which can be a manual, inefficient and less secure process. As a result, communication with bondholders is ad hoc and can dwindle during the closing process.

Working with Intralinks Debtspace streamlines the bond reporting process 
With Intralinks Debtspace, issuers can leverage tools that help streamline the post-close reporting process. Intralinks Exchanges (or VDRs) give investors secure access to current and historical information about the bond or the corporation, while minimizing many of the manual workflows that issuers face. In addition, Intralinks Private Label Service allows issuers to customize VDRs to match the look and feel of existing corporate branding so investors have a seamless web-based user experience.