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Investors continue to increase allocations to hedge fund strategies. Fund managers can stand out from the crowd by meeting the increasing demands for transparency. 

Securely share confidential information with prospects

Institutional investors demand a high level of transparency during the due diligence process. GPs must know that the sensitive information they share with the investor community is going to be kept confidential. Hedge fund managers stay in control of shared information using Intralinks Fundspace advanced watermarking and document monitoring tools.

Trevor Chisholm, Director of Alternative Investments at Intralinks Inc, talks about the importance of cyber security for hedge funds and how managers can enable transparency and maintain control of their private data.

Visit Best Practice in Cyber Security for more information on increasing your transparency while maintaining control of your information.

Join the world’s largest community of global investors

From the largest sovereign wealth funds to small family offices, the majority of the world’s leading investors already use Intralinks Fundspace for hedge fund marketing every day. Your investors probably do, too.

Intralinks Fundspace Community

Intralinks Fundspace Community

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