2020 M&A Market Predictions Intralinks

For Dealmakers Only: 4 Essential 2020 M&A Market Predictions

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Although mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dealmakers can’t see the future per se, they can anticipate upcoming trends based on history and patterns in the market. I asked my colleagues in Intralinks product marketing to share major predictions for the upcoming year, based on their expert knowledge of the marketplace.

Most interesting 2019 M&A Deals

Here Are the 5 Most Interesting M&A Deals of 2019

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The year saw a variety of transactions, from healthcare megadeals to data analytics acquisitions. A handful of mergers turned heads for their unprecedented size or unexpected liaison. We reviewed the five most interesting deals of 2019, plus a bonus IPO, listed in no particular order.

The Demise of the Conglomerate

The Demise of the Conglomerate?

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Once powerful conglomerates were assembled through long-term M&A strategies. Is the unravelling conglomerate structure only affecting organizations in the West?

Non-Disclosure Agreements Need to Work for Both Sides in Every M&A Deal

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With all the data and sensitive information being disclosed in an M&A process, Saswat Bohidar, of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), says it’s imperative for both sides of the transaction to make good use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Without the proper guardrails, there could be serious consequences to the success of the deal.