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Business file sharing solutions let you work beyond boundaries with confidence.

Business file sharing today is more pervasive than ever. Employees are more mobile and companies are collaborating more frequently in real time with partners, suppliers and customers. To stay productive and competitive, organizations need business file sharing tools that enable employees to share documents easily and securely with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Most organizations, however, have neither superior document sharing solutions nor safe sharing practices in place. Employees often turn to consumer-grade business file sharing applications that leave the organization vulnerable to data loss, security breaches and noncompliance. 

Intralinks VIA® is a secure online document sharing and collaboration solution that provides an array of robust content management capabilities, from simple file sync and sharing to collaborative workspaces and large-scale virtual data rooms. With Intralinks, users can share files easily and seamlessly with colleagues inside the company and contacts outside the company without worrying about sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

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Intralinks simplifies business file sharing.

With Intralinks© business file sharing and content collaboration software, your teams can work flexibly within and across networks and systems while keeping complete control of sensitive information. From mergers and acquisitions to safety document distribution, fund management and syndicated lending, Intralinks enables easier private file sharing in a wide variety of industries and applications.

As a scalable cloud-based solution, Intralinks VIA requires no investment in hardware, software or infrastructure. VIA integrates easily with your existing infrastructure to maximize productivity and adoption. Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to the highest levels of data security, providing clients with the means to collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device.

Advantages of business file sharing with Intralinks.

With Intralinks’ business file sharing solution, you can:

  • Improve collaboration: Let employees share files and access documents on any device. Work with Microsoft Office documents in their native format within Intralinks’ secure environment.
  • Control access: Maintain document-level control of files throughout the entire content lifecycle. Set permissions for which users can download, edit, view and print the documents. Revoke access with Intralinks UNshare®, which gives you the power to terminate permissions to any document, anywhere at any time. 
  • Protect sensitive data: Share files and documents with the knowledge that they are protected by file-level encryption that prevents unauthorized access no matter where documents are sent or in what environment they reside. 

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