Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor Q1 2015

Did You Know?

The DFP tracks early-stage M&A activity across the world, providing a unique leading predictor of future global M&A activity levels. The current report reveals: 

  • Expected annual increase to be between 7 and 11 percent, compared to 2013
  • The United States leads the way in growth with a 19 percent increase over the last four quarters
  • Globally, we are seeing the strongest increases in early-stage M&A activity in the TMT (Telecoms, Media, and Technology), Industrials and Consumer sectors 

How accurate are the predictions?

The Intralinks DFP has been independently verified as an accurate predictor of future changes in the number of announced global M&A transactions, with QoQ percentage changes in the Intralinks DFP typically being reflected on average six months later in announced deal volumes, as reported by Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters data on announced deals has been adjusted for subsequent increases in reported announced deal volumes.

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10 October 2014