Information is the New Currency: Maximizing Value

The amount of information generated by organizations and individual employees will only continue to grow. A workspace tool can be critical in helping users understand and manage the "right" information at the right time, and can help streamline interactions between different users across business units. But how can organizations, especially with heightened data privacy concerns, determine which collaboration solutions are user-friendly and secure?

In this webinar presentation, Vanessa Thompson, IDC’s Research Vice President, Communities and Collaboration, talks about how organizations can enable team collaboration. Learn:

  • What are the most challenging tasks for users today?
  • How do I measure the business impact of team collaboration solutions?
  • What security requirements should I look for in a solution?

All webinar registrants received a complimentary copy of the IDC report “Worldwide Team Collaborative Applications Market Shares, 2014: The Year Personal Productivity Becomes Paramount.”

17 December 2015