Webcast Replay: “Avoid the Scattershot Approach to Client Communication: Transform Your Alternative Investment Reporting for Wealth Management Clients”

Alternative Investments represents a fast-growing segment for many large wealth management firms. However, as investor interest in this asset class surges, the reporting challenges mount.

Currently, many firms are trying to manage their complex reporting process in a “scattershot” way – taking an ad hoc, random and reactive approach, where they can easily lose control of the overall client journey and miss out on upsell opportunities.

Many internal operations teams are struggling to report in a timely, secure fashion using dated, risky technologies (email, postal mail, hard drives) to collect content from external partners and to report to clients.

Sound familiar? If so, watch this webcast replay and discover how to:

  • Digitally transform your current solutions to streamline client communication 
  • Simplify the reporting process
  • Improve internal operations by integrating with existing systems

Spend 24 minutes now – and save countless hours (and excessive costs) when it’s time to send out client and investor reports.

15 November 2016