Webinar Replay: “Implementing and Capturing Value from BCBS 239”

Major global banks were given a 2016 deadline to comply with BCBS 239.

Only about half have done so.

The financial crisis revealed critical issues in the way banks reported risk and the quality of data being fed into those reports. In 2013, the BCBS 239 risk data and aggregation standard was published, and major banks were given a 2016 deadline to comply. As of the last check in 2015, 50% have yet to meet the BCBS 239 deadline.

Watch this webinar replay to explore some of the remaining questions around implementation and achieve significant business value, including:

  • How far ahead have global financial institutions moved with the risk data aggregation and reporting mandate? What progress has been achieved since the last progress report?
  • What are the remaining challenges? How can banks accelerate their compliance with BCBS 239?
  • What is the value of it to the business, and when will banks see return on this investment?
30 November 2016