Breaking Bad: The Risk of Unsecure File Sharing

Information leakage through unsecure file sharing is a serious and escalating problem. As the need for beyond-the-firewall collaboration grows, data loss is threatening to surpass data theft as the number-one risk to sensitive business information.

61% of employees confess they send unencrypted emails, do not delete confidential documents (in violation of company policy), or accidentally forward files or documents to unauthorized recipients.


This research paper from the Ponemon Institute defines these challenges in this changing landscape and creates a roadmap for businesses to get control of their information.

More than 1,000 IT and IT security practitioners were surveyed about their file sharing practices in the US, UK, and Germany – and their responses, highlighted in this paper, will surprise you.

The study’s authors cover – and uncover – the most pervasive and pressing security issues facing enterprise collaboration today. They specifically target the link between organizational and individual behavior when using popular file-sync-and- share solutions. Key findings include: 

  • Organizations are vulnerable to data loss and non-compliance
  • Employees behave badly when it comes to data sharing and collaboration
  • IT has lost control of decision making and their company’s data
29 October 2014