Forrester Consulting Study: “Data Sovereignty and SaaS”

Manage cloud-based business and technologies in a rapidly regulating world. 

Cloud cover

This new study by leading industry analyst Forrester Consulting starts by acknowledging reasons for the rapid dominance of SaaS technology. 

  • Improved business agility through faster software implementation and updates
  • Easier information sharing and collaboration beyond traditional boundaries
  • Reduced burden on IT and other internal resources

New challenges

Companies making the transition to the cloud, however, find complexity and challenges managing the patchwork of varying country data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

  • Protecting information and documents stored outside of the regulating country
  • Providing regulatory access to information stored outside the regulating country
  • Certifying data residency inside and outside of the regulating country
  • Complying with current and emerging European Union data privacy regulation

The tipping point

According to Forrester, most organizations will quickly face a moment of truth: Can they conduct business efficiently on modern cloud-based platforms and still be compliant with emerging global Data Sovereignty regulations?

Those that adapt quickly to the new Data Sovereignty landscape will prosper – and those that can’t may disappear.

28 August 2015