Intralinks Unveils Advanced In‑Region Data Storage for Asia Pacific Clients – Meets Emerging Demands for Cross-Border Data Security

SYDNEY, March 22, 2018 – Intralinks, a leading financial technology provider for the global banking, deal making and capital markets communities, today announces its strategic investment in Asia Pacific, as the company deploys its Distributed Content Node technology in Australia. Furthering the Intralinks Platform expansion in Germany, this innovative technology will benefit customers of Intralinks’ market-leading VDR by providing faster access speed with the added confidence of having their data processed and stored in-region. This deployment comes as Intralinks continues to experience high growth rates in the Asia Pacific region.

“Asia Pacific is a strategically important geography for Intralinks,” said Leif O’Leary, Chief Executive Officer, Intralinks. “As data sovereignty regulations such as The Notifiable Data Breaches scheme, associated to those governed by The Federal Privacy Act 1988, come into effect it is evident that regulators are becoming stringent in their enforcement.  Governments are making relentless efforts to make their citizens conscious of their rights and responsibilities. It has resulted in our customers mulling over data privacy more seriously than ever before. These regulations join others from all over the world, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, and task all global organizations with the unwavering duty of protecting personal information.”

The Intralinks Trust Perimeter allows Intralinks customers to “Choose Their Own Perimeter,” controlling the flow of information as it moves around the world, while meeting growing regulatory compliance demands. Intralinks provides its customers with a number of capabilities to empower them not only to work more productively but also to provide security standards that are essential for protecting customer information (including Personal Information) to ensure successful compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Intralinks has created an industry-leading platform architecture, which includes advanced technology like the Distributed Content Node, which has recently been deployed in Australia. Content Node technology provides customers with complete control over the location of their data. It means Intralinks’ customers’ most valuable data does not need to leave the Asia Pacific region.

As part of the Intralinks Trust Perimeter, Intralinks customers can determine:

  • Where their encryption keys reside
    Intralinks was the first-to-market the groundbreaking technology of Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMK). This provides customers with full and sole control over the ability to manage the encryption keys that are used to protect their proprietary and confidential data in the cloud. Intralinks customers have exclusive right to determine the location of their encryption keys.

  • How sensitive and confidential information is consumed, downloaded and edited at the file level, around the world
    Intralinks’ Information Rights Management (IRM) protects customers’ sensitive files wherever they are in the world, and on any device. IRM attaches special controls to files that not only regulates their sharing but also facilitates their tracking and monitoring, and also assists in the ultimate revocation of the files as and when needed by the customer. It offers plugin-free security which not only protects the file when it is at rest but also travels with the document wherever it goes.

“Businesses need to know how they can retain control over their information once it leaves the traditional firewall. The Intralinks Trust Perimeter gives customers what they need to define a new, global perimeter around their information, while meeting rigorous data protection standards globally,” concludes O’Leary.

More than 15,000 businesses globally have relied on Intralinks to protect their most mission-critical and high-risk information – and over 80% of information held on the Intralinks platform is classified as highly sensitive.

In Intralinks’ 22-year history, over 4.1 million business users across the world have used the platform.


Intralinks Distributed Content Node service in Australia is generally available for Intralinks’ customers running strategic transactions.

See how Distributed Content Node technology works to satisfy data sovereignty requirements.

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