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Enterprise collaboration software may be your most important tool for accelerating productivity and fueling business growth.

Enterprise content collaboration is an essential capability for every employee in the modern workplace. The ability to share content with anyone, anywhere, at any time is what distinguishes the winners from the also-rans. When you can share valuable content – intellectual property, financial information, customer data, and time-sensitive requests – with users on different platforms and on any device, the seamless communication creates business opportunities that provide a competitive edge.

The primary challenge companies face is ensuring secure document collaboration. When you’re sending files to partners, regulators, vendors and customers all over the world, maintaining control of access rights is paramount. If your enterprise collaboration software can’t ensure the security of your information, you risk data breaches, noncompliance, loss of reputation and worse.

That’s where Intralinks can help. As a cloud-based enterprise collaboration tool that is trusted by companies, Intralinks makes document sharing and collaboration easy while protecting sensitive data.

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A leading enterprise collaboration software solution from Intralinks.

Intralinks VIA® is a SaaS-based enterprise collaboration software solution that delivers all the tools and features you need to collaborate securely with people around the world. Our enterprise collaboration software allows you to maintain control over content sharing. You can set the permissions for viewing, printing, downloading and editing, and revoke access rights at any time – even after documents have been downloaded to personal devices.

Our secure collaboration tools protect your documents by encrypting them as soon as they’re uploaded to the Intralinks platform. No matter where they are sent or with whom you share them, your documents will always be protected by an armor of encryption. Throughout its 20 years in business, Intralinks has been committed to the highest levels of data security, providing clients with the means to collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device.

Intralinks supports collaboration and file sharing in a variety of industries and applications, from investor communication and regulatory reporting to HR document management, safety document distribution, legal document management and more.

Collaborate confidently across boundaries with Intralinks’ enterprise collaboration software.

Enterprise collaboration software from Intralinks enables you to:

  • Streamline collaboration: Users can safely share documents without worrying about file security. You can rely on Intralinks’ tools for file sync and share, a collaborative team workspace or a virtual data room to simplify collaboration and accelerate workflows.
  • Reduce costs: Implement a cloud-based enterprise collaboration software solution without capital expenditure. Reduce the cost and time required to manage file sharing and collaboration.
  • Protect data: Secure your data with information rights management technology. 

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