HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing Solutions

Protect patient information with HIPAA compliant file sharing solutions.

In today’s complex healthcare environment, a HIPAA compliant file sharing solution helps to solve the challenges of collaborating with providers and payers while protecting patient information.

Sharing information with partners and collaborators is critical to improving quality of care and increasing profitability. When providers can share information with ease, they increase efficiency, generate better outcomes and accelerate the revenue cycle. Without robust HIPAA compliant file sharing technology, it is difficult for healthcare professionals to collaborate effectively while keeping patient information private and secure.

That’s where Intralinks’ HIPAA compliant file sharing technology comes in. Our cloud-based enterprise collaboration software provides a central data repository and tools for secure document sharing. With Intralinks, healthcare professionals can share information with anyone, anywhere and on any device while ensuring the confidentiality of patient health information.

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Intralinks offers efficient solutions for HIPAA compliant file sharing.

Intralinks offers efficient solutions for HIPAA compliant file sharing.

Intralinks’ enterprise file sharing software simplifies file sharing for business. We provide an intuitive, easy-to-use HIPAA compliant file sharing solution and large-scale virtual data rooms for secure collaboration.

Security is our number one priority. All Intralinks technologies, including our HIPAA compliant file sharing, feature robust security protections. Every file uploaded to the platform is automatically encrypted, so it remains safe no matter where the data travels or resides. IT administrators can easily set permissions for viewing, editing, downloading and printing data, and they can revoke access at any time – even for patient records that have been downloaded to a personal or mobile device.

Advantages of Intralinks for HIPAA compliant file sharing.

With Intralinks’ HIPAA compliant file sharing solution, you can:

  • Collaborate easily: Our user-friendly business file sharing interface makes it simple to share documents with colleagues, payers and patients.
  • Improve productivity: Use familiar Microsoft and Mac applications within the secure Intralinks environment.
  • Streamline reporting: Minimize the burden of administration and reporting with configurable risk and compliance reports.
  • Manage the revenue cycle: Accelerate cross-departmental revenue cycle collaboration and simplify document classification to improve audit throughput.
  • Minimize risk: Eliminate the use of unsecured channels like email, FTP or USB drives for sharing confidential patient information.

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Advantages of Intralinks for HIPAA compliant file sharing

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