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In the high-stakes world of M&A and other strategic negotiations, using an online deal room (also known as a virtual data room or VDR) accelerates due diligence, simplifies document exchange, improves security and gets more deals closed in less time.

The key is selecting the right data room software. Your online deal room solution should make secure document exchange quick and easy with features such as setup wizards and drag-and-drop functionality for uploading and organizing files. Your secure VDR should also be easy to access, and empower users and stakeholders to view, edit and share documents anywhere in the world on virtually any device. Most importantly, your online deal room must be secure so users have peace of mind knowing that sensitive information will not be leaked, lost, or corrupted.

Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition is a cloud-based online deal room solution with a feature-rich toolset that delivers all the efficiency, security and convenience you need to get deals done quickly and easily.

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Intralinks delivers the world’s leading online deal room.

Intralinks is one of the world’s leading virtual data room providers, and has delivered powerful collaboration and secure document exchange solutions to global businesses for more than 20 years. From M&A due diligence to the post-merger integration process, thousands of companies around the world – rely on the security and superior functionality of Intralinks’ online deal room technology.

Key features of an online deal room from Intralinks.

Intralinks’ online deal room technology provides features that include:

  • Web and mobile interfaces with a desktop bulk upload and configuration tool
  • Flexible permissions management with 16 user roles
  • A Q&A workflow for deal management that simplifies deals involving multiple parties
  • Preconfigured solutions for key types of deals
  • 24/7 multilingual user support
  • Dedicated customer service managers for startup and implementation of best practices

Key benefits of an online deal room from Intralinks.

With Intralinks, you can:

  • Accelerate dealmaking: Organize pre-deal paperwork in one place to accelerate the due diligence process and utilize a full suite of functional features that speed the deal process.
  • Streamline access: Keep things moving while you’re on the road by working with files anytime, anywhere, on any device using secure mobile apps, desktop applications and web browsers.
  • Move quickly: Transition to post merger integration without needing to migrate files and documents.
  • Simplify reporting: Track and record activity for easier audits, disseminate client-level information through an investor portal and provide greater transparency to prevent post-deal derailments.
  • Close deals faster: Expand your deal pipeline on the buy-side and engage buyers more easily on the sell-side.
  • Improve efficiency: Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate time-consuming, manual processes and accelerate the M&A lifecycle.

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