Secure Virtual Deal Room Solutions

What to look for in a virtual deal room.

The virtual deal room (VDR) has become an industry standard, replacing the physical, paper-based data room that supported high-stakes transactions for many years. From M&A due diligence to post merger integration, a virtual deal room simplifies collaboration, accelerates processes, and optimizes deal value.

Your virtual data room solution should offer several critical capabilities. Speed is paramount. The faster you can get a room up and running, the sooner your due diligence process can begin. Ease of use is also important. You need tools to streamline organization and management, and a simple and intuitive interface to promote rapid adoption. Then comes security. Every file in your virtual deal room must be protected from unauthorized viewing and malicious or inadvertent security breaches.

Intralinks® Virtual Data Room Edition enables you to build, manage and secure a virtual deal room quickly and cost-effectively. With Intralinks, you can accelerate the dealmaking process and close more deals in less time.

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Intralinks delivers the leading virtual deal room.

Intralinks’ VDR is the industry’s most trusted deal space. With more than 3.1 million registered users and a perfect security track record, our platform facilitates more than 6,000 deals every year and is trusted by more than 90,000 customers worldwide.

With Intralinks’ cloud-based digital data room software, you get all the benefits you need:

  • Security: Protect sensitive information with file-level encryption.
  • Efficiency: Conduct due diligence faster with artificial intelligence and machine learning features.
  • Transparency: Track who has viewed documents and when they viewed them to eliminate guesswork and accelerate the deal.
  • Control: Maintain complete control over permissions for viewing, editing, downloading and printing documents, and instantly revoke access to files, even after they’ve been downloaded to personal computers or mobile devices.
  • Cost savings: Eliminate travel costs and reduce staff time spent managing documents and users.

Key features of Intralinks’ virtual deal room solution.

With a virtual deal room from Intralinks, you get a powerful set of features that include:

  • Flexible permissions management with 16 user roles
  • Web and mobile access to your online data room
  • A desktop bulk upload and configuration tool
  • A Q&A workflow for managing deals that include multiple parties
  • Pre-configured solutions for the types of deals you’re most likely to encounter
  • 24/7 multilingual support for internal and external users
  • Customer service managers to help with implementation and best practices

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