Information rights management

Maintain control with information rights management from Intralinks.

As organizations increasingly rely on digital documents for business-critical transactions, information rights management (IRM) has become an essential technology.

Users need access to files and documents while at home and traveling, on PCs and mobile devices, and online and offline. The demand for access raises serious security issues and poses numerous risks. How can organizations hope to protect sensitive documents when they are being accessed and downloaded to devices worldwide?

Information rights management, or document rights management, provides the solution. By embedding encryption and user permissions directly into each file, information rights management technology gives organizations absolute control over content no matter where it lives or how far it travels.

Intralinks’ document rights management software is an innovative information rights management solution that gives users and administrators full control over documents for their entire lifecycle. End-to-end encryption provides granular control over who can view, download or edit a file and for how long. Intralinks’ information rights management software also lets you instantly change or revoke access to documents, even after they have been downloaded to home computers or personal devices.

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Important advantages of Intralinks’ information rights management.

When you choose Intralinks for information rights management, you can:

  • Confidently and easily share content: Files are automatically encrypted and embedded with IRM, and sharing documents is easy - no downloads, software or plug-ins!
  • Oversee the entire lifecycle: Information rights management lets you control document access throughout creation, distribution and eventual decommissioning.
  • Use Intralinks UNshare® at will: Revoke document rights and permissions instantly, even after a file has been downloaded.
  • Manage document controls on an individual basis: Cloud file sharing with permissions lets you designate viewing, editing, saving and printing permissions on a user- or file-level basis.
  • Work with documents off-line: Give users time-limited access to files while offline.

Encryption: The key to information rights management.

While traditional document protection focuses on securing the perimeters of environments and networks, Intralinks’ information rights management encrypts each individual document for greater security. Even if a network or server is threatened or becomes vulnerable, an Intralinks-protected file will remain safe.

Intralinks simplifies regulatory compliance by automatically compiling thorough audit trails to track activities such as file access distribution. 

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